• – fatty acids support improving attention,
    and facilitate memorization
    and reproduction of information
  • – promotes proper development
    of the musculoskeletal system, proportional
    growth and development of the child, normalizes
    bone growth
  • – improves logical thinking
    and long-term memory
  • – normalize the activity of the nervous system,
    reduce the effects of stress,
    contribute to the preservation of vision
  • Contains all the necessary
    components for
    and physical development
    of the child
  • Tutti-Frutti taste,
    no fish flavour
  • Capsules
    for swallowing
    or chewing
  • Contributes to the development
    of the musculoskeletal
    system and
    organization of the body
    improves the immune system

1 capsule
for children 
in the age of 3-7 years

2 capsules
for children 
in the age of 7-14 years
Fish oil 320 mg 640 mg
DHA-Docosahexanoic acid 24 mg 48 mg
EPA-Eicosapentaenoic acid 20,8 mg 41,6 mg
Vitamin С 40 mg 80 mg
Vitamin А 200 mcg 400 mcg
Vitamin D3 4,6 mcg 9,2 mcg
Lecithin 11 mg 22 mg
How to develop the child's brain?
The intellectual development of a child at this age
allows them to reflect and draw own conclusions.
The language is actively developing –
the vocabulary consists of about 1000 words.

During this period, the child is open to new experience and knowledge. Therefore, parents
are advised to think
about early development courses for their child
in addition to a nursery school.

The child begins to interact with their peers.

Their self-esteem increases, the first signs of independence appear.

The vocabulary is growing quickly, temporal and
causal relationships are formed.
At this age, reasoning "appears", the child is
ready to negotiate and to explain a particular situation. The child shows interest in drawing and
sculpting. At this age children can be sent off to artistic studios or
preparatory classes at art schools.
The social circle of the child is greatly extending, but consists mainly of peers.

At this age, aesthetic and
moral basis associated with the study
of art, literature, painting, music is laid.
The basis of logical thinking and
abstract problem solving is formed, as well as spatial thinking

Social circle of the child includes older children,
in addition to peers, and there is a need to form and develop social
connections with teachers.

The child at this age can convincingly prove their point of view,
their abstract and logical thinking are actively developing.
It is an almost intellectually formed person who has his own opinion
on various issues.

Due to the appearance of new subjects in the school program, the amount of information
to be remembered by the teenager is increasing significantly.

During this period, the social circle and idea of society are forming,
leadership qualities are showing, communication skills are improving,
habits and preferences are clearly defined.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image
improves adaptation
in the children's team,
facilitates preparation
for school
helps to cope with school stress,
reduces the stress
associated with tests
and exams
maintains visual acuity during high
visual workload


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